Pope Benedict Wants To Erase Nazi Ties to Church

Raising Pius To Sainthood

Pope Pius exhaults Hitler at lavish spectacuar promoting the Nazi agenda through associating with it Pope Benedict is pressuring the masses to rewrite world and papal history. Apologizing for the criminal actions of the cult church in its covert, as well as its tacit support of Hitler and his regime indicating that secretly Pius XII was trying to help.the Jews by glorifying Hitler?

Perhaps when the world sees their cult leader standing hand in hand proudly there was a different message sent?

Is Benedict trying to claim that Pius XII was in fact afraid, lost faith in his god, feared for his own life, if he actually took a stand and let the world know the catholic cult does not stand by Hitler?

Pius XII was responsible for The Reichskonkordat, which was ratified on September 10, 1933. In the Concordat, the German government of Hitler achieved a complete proscription of all clerical interference in the political field (articles 16 and 32). It also ensured the bishops' loyalty to the state by an oath and required all priests to be Germans and subject to German superiors. Restrictions were also placed on the Catholic organisations. Sounds like he did as much for the Jews and their plight under Hitler?

Pope Pius exhaults Hitler at lavish spectacuar promoting the Nazi agenda through associating with itHow sure is it that Pius disassociated his catholic cult from Hitler and his agenda? In 1941, Cardinal Theodor Innitzer of Vienna informed Pius of Jewish deportations in Vienna. Later that year, when asked by French Marshal Philippe Pétain if the Vatican objected to anti-Jewish laws, Pius responded that the church condemned anti-Semitism, but would not comment on specific rules. Similarly, when Pétain's puppet government adopted the "Jewish statutes," the Vichy ambassador to the Vatican, Léon Bérard, was told that the legislation did not conflict with Catholic teachings. Valerio Valeri, the nuncio to France was "embarrassed" when he learned of this publicly from Pétain and personally checked the information with Cardinal Secretary of State Maglione who confirmed the Vatican's position. In October 1941 Harold Tittman, a U.S. delegate to the Vatican, asked the pope to condemn the atrocities against Jews; Pius replied that the Vatican wished to remain "neutral." You cannot have a saint who remains neutral on slaughter of humans merely on their personal beliefs.

Pope Pius exhaults Hitler at lavish spectacuar promoting the Nazi agenda through associating with it

It matters little to the current German Pope Benedict. The German pope is trying desperately to rewrite history in order to start the beatification of Pius, to make him a saint. This kind of saint the world does not need. Will Benedict now start to sing the praises of the 600 years of Catholic inquisitions and debauchery too?

Perhaps Benedict has a word about the USA’s pre-emptive invasion of Iraq, murdering 100,000’s on the lie of weapons of mass destruction? Surely the pope cares more about the soul than oil? In the meantime trying to raise a sinner to sainthood after such crimes is historically what the Catholic Church is about. Hiding discovery and truth under dogma and subservience.

You may wonder why it is a crime to stand by silently and watch murder but in France to not give aid is punishable? Criminal negligence should not be honored and history not altered to fit an agenda.